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Balozi Mtaani  . MC JEX(Vincent Omondi) Mobile-0728548725.

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MCCJEX[maximmum creativity to clymax jive in exorbitant} said...

Raising the banner of Christ for peace

My name is Vincent Omondi also known as MC JEx. I am a gospel artist and a peer educator, a member and a volunteer with a youth based organization known REPACTED Kenya which is a community theatre based organization registered under the ministry of state for national heritage and culture implementing project’s for national and international non/profit organization such as UNDP-/Amkeni wa Kenya, USAID-APHIA2,, MTv staying alive foundation and NACC among others.

REPACTED deals with issues concerning health awareness and behavior change among the community members in the society. It presented me platform to sharpen my skills in song writing performing arts and dance. Here I use my music to effect change among the youths and the community at large. I developed exemplary community mobilization skills leading towards skirt performances with interventions and awareness centered preventions for the youths and informal sector workers including jua kali artisans, hawkers, boda-boda riders mechanics and young men and women in the matatu business.

This led to my quest for music auditions that landed me a chance in the exodus to stardom music challenge season one on KBC channel one 2011 bringing together young Gospel artists around Kenya for mentorship. Here I made it to top ten artists.
It’s was after this that I decided to remain in Nairobi to embark on recording my album, I also attended school ministry with the amply international limited.

In 2007-2008 as result of a bungled, violence broke out in the country and the Rift v alley province was worst hit by the skirmishes. I was among the very affected members of my family and we were forced to relocate from Molo to Nakuru for safety at the height of the fighting, peaceful co-existence and national cohesion is an issue that is of national importance and to me, a personal passion that needs to be addressed before and after thee next election

In my current occupation as an artist and a peer educator, I have demonstrated the ability to organize and plan for activities with fellow volunteers and partners to achieve the projects goal.
To implement this and in getting my music to the community I have always sought a forum to expose my talent through BALOZI MTAANI where by I hold a street peace tour concert within various estates to preach peace and provide platform for those that have talents to showcase their ability in singing raping poetry dancing and public speaking while disseminating massages promoting peace and reconciliation.

The Balozi concert also involves local leaders and government representatives, alongside guest speakers are invited to address various issues affecting the youths and country at large.

My mission is to reach out to the youths and the whole country with informative positive peace massages in a festive of edutainment and public speaking to promote peace and reconciliation. To provide a platform to enhance youth skill while eradicating poverty through self dependence and positive development to reduce rate of idleness, crime and drug usage among the youths.

Its because of this reason that I reach out to you as they say an idle mind is a devil’s workshop, and this is why am coming up with this project involving you in activities that will help us develop and be someone who can be celebrated in the community and a role model to the youths. Let’s promote talents and keep the youths out of street idleness and away from drug and crime.

Your guidance and generous support or any form of feedback in this project is highly appreciated.
Thank you so much in advance for your time and kindness