Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Open mic is an activity oganized yearly and ran by REPACTED fanded by APHIA11 RIFT VELLEY.Its whereby we use young talented underground artists in the community to spread the gospel about health.Impotance of going to health fercilities,HIV/AIDs a wererness,behaviour change,TB and etc.This year REPACKED had seven sites where this outreaches took place.In each given sites, we selected three representatives artist who was to represent his or her home area in the finals.After the first ran up the selected artists were involved in a training where they were taught more things about health issues.This were topics they were going to freestyle on.The final was held at a place known as Kaptembwo in NAKURU down town.
The event was one of the biggest ever happened.The judges had a had work to do since the rap game between the artists was tight.The competitance were twenty one strougling to be number one.It was enjoyerble and amusing.After the freestyle copetition ,the day was closed by perfomances from the SAWWA DANCERS ,MC JEx,then closed by our guest artist PILIPILI.

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