Sunday, January 11, 2009

condom in school

The current generation that is existin now in Kenya is that that we call the early testing.This is a big issue that is burning up in Primary and Secondary schools in Kenya. Boys andGirls are now playing the game that we used to say 'the game played by matured people'.
Sex in school is high that now days its more played than any other games in the field.Youths between 7 to 20 years know it better than any other person.Cases are heard now and then,that two girls were send away because of pregnancy or was found having sex in school compound.A case like this once happened in the school that i was learning.No single girl or boy is found without relationship.Towards this, i think condom should be distributed in schools or education concerning this should be offered in school.

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eduardo said...

Is there any sex education in any of the schools? Either public or private schools?