Thursday, November 27, 2008


Due to poverty, diseases, violence and mistreatment, the number of loitering young girls and boys is increasing. This makes it hard to walk in the streets in terms of security where theft cases are heard now and then. Our own brothers and sisters are starving in towns going through difficulties while there are women and men out there filling their bellies with the funds raised to help get the so called chokoras out of the streets.
Even though several organisations and individuals have built homes for street families, many such children are still wndering around in major towns and have become a menace.
Post election violence increased their population in various towns like in my province Rift valley which was the most affected. Most street children no longer go to school and this is a barrier to the free education initiative. Many children are now being used to sell merchandise along the streets.Kenya will fall to the losing side if something is not done about it.

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