Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Recently during the last months holyday Jane and her colleagues from suburb were out for a night.
As they were busting a move on the dance floor when one of her buddies felt a guy come up behind her and started grinding his front on her back.
like normal the dance went for while before she turned around to see the nature of the guy whether he was cute and the right man to have a dance with.
Alas!!what she saw was embarrassment to all of them. When she caught a glimpse of the dude, she was startled to see that it was her biological father who was in town on vacation. He was really drunkard he kept right on dancing and touching her body carelessly. To make the matter worse he started putting the moves on all the girls and tried to get each to dirty dances. Disgusted, she rounded up her posse and made her exit without bothering her safety out there .You can imagine the risk!! A girl leaving the club at 1:00 am walking her way home embarrassed and ashamed before her alleys.
Her father noticed nothing that day. He drunk and drunk messing around with women ;young and old, spending his money while his dear family needs money for education, medication, clothing and daily meal.
The next day Jane didn’t look her father in the eye once nor neither her friend because of the shame she went through. That’s some of the bad effect, embarrassment and risk people go after excessive drinking. There’s a huge risk here, the father might have sex with women he had in the bar without a condom protection or if he put the condom he might put it wrongly or use it wrongly. If this happened the wife is at risk. So you men out there if it’s a must you drink take it responsibly.

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Anonymous said...

Poor Jane!

This does make a strong case for drinking in moderation - both for men and women! (Sometimes men get all the blame. I've seen women act even sillier.)